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Top Three Custom USB Drives for Marketing Events

It is the time of year that business folk take the time to evaluate their year’s work. As December comes to a close and new fiscal years loom closer, marketing team members are busy evaluating what they did, making changes and planning ahead with a few revisions. Often times the necessary changes come down to promotional items that were used. Typically, they end up being a waste of money due to a lack of return on investment. How can you better your promotional tool strategy for next year’s trade show or conference or party? These are our top three go-to custom USB drives for any marketing event.

Credit Card Style USB Drives
The credit card style USB drives are our most versatile custom USB drives that you could stuff into goodie bags for guests. Credit card style drives are made from thin, but sturdy, white ABS plastic. The plastic is constructed to be a sturdy base for printing. The custom USB drives can be printed on the front and back with CMYK full photographic color. The porousness allows for very high quality details in the printing.

Also known as flash disk drives, credit card style USB drives are sleek enough to fit into a wallet. For that reason, many of our clients take advantage of their size to make electronic USB business cards. The designs vary because they are completely customized to your liking. Therefore, you don’t have to choose from a certain layout, font type, font size or color scheme. We highly recommend this style of flash drive because consumers tend to keep them. Our feedback shows that the size and sleekness of the drive make it hard to lose and easy to use. Clients tell us they tend to get more follow up inquiries and the small fortune was worth the investment.

Wooden USB drives

Wood makes for a very classic looking custom USB. You can either choose a standard rectangular shape (pictured) or design a 2D or 3D shape.

Wooden drives come in a variety of stains and species including:

●    Bamboo
●    Beechwood
●    Maple
●    Rosewood
●    Walnut
●    Recycled wood

Wood drives can be pad printed or laser engraved. Pad printing results in a raised ink look and feel. Either option helps to communicate a message about your brand. Whether you need a classic, modern or retro looking promotional tool; wood custom USB drives are always a great choice. Our clients biggest rave is the versatility and style accessibility. For example, one of our law firm clients decided to gift the employees with a custom USB. The dark stained rosewood book USB drive was clean, classy and fitting for every employee to leave out on their desk.

Custom Shape USB Drives

The final and ultimate promotional tool nod goes to the ever popular (when done right), custom shape USB drive. Every 2D/3D custom USB is different. At USB Promos once a mold is cast and sold, no other company can use it.

That being said, you can be as creative as you want with these drives. Made from a variety of materials, including wood, ABS plastic, metal and rubber. These drives make for great promotional tools for a few obvious reasons:
1.    Very unique- depending on the overall design.
2.    Considered a novelty item for a company you adore.
3.    Often costs less than standard USB drives.

Custom shape drives are sure to steal the show every time and kept longer than most other promotional tools out there. They are a great outlet to show creativity and have a high perceived value to customers. Not to mention you can request a proof or physical sample prior to ordering.

Promotional tools can boost business when executed correctly. With any of these three style USB Drives you will have a better return on your investment this time next year. At the least, you can look forward to new inquiries and business opportunities. Not sure which style is right for you? Request a sample or proof sent to you before you order. Whatever you choose you’ll be off to a better start!

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