Monday, 28 September 2015

3 USB Flash for Promotional Tools that Work

When it comes to bulk promotional tools, like USB flash, it is important that your product stays consistent with your brand. Brand experience is very important because consistency paves the way for customer loyalty.Eventually your customers or clients can trust to expect the same quality and even thoughtfulness. So what do you do when it comes to promotional tools that you cannot self produce and is too risky to trust another company to deliver bulk anything that is consistent?

Look to promotional companies that specialize in what you are looking for. USB flash for instance, is a wonderful promotional tool when done right. Make sure to conduct careful research: learn about the materials used, pricing, and inquire for samples or proofs prior to placing an order.

USB flash is a promo tool that can be transformed to fit your marketing needs for any tradeshow, event, fundraiser etc. Start with one of the best selling standard models and then customize like:


The model is known industry wide as the swivel style usb drive. All of the components can be customized. For this reason it is popular because it offers the client a versatility that cannot be matched from any other standard model.

The parts that can be played with and personalized:

●Casing (base) comes in over 20 standard colours, but can be custom made to match any pantone colour. That versatility is unmatched.
●Swivel (cap) also comes in various colors and materials. Choose a matte cap  to separate the USB flash from familiar looks or a metallic color to give a spin on an old take.
●Both parts are brandable. Laser engrave or print (pad printing, screen printing, CMYK printing). This option alone makes this drive a more unique option to work with.



This model is known in the industry as a slim flash drive. While it is a more simple looking plastic drive, it is a very sturdy and informative model.

 ●The body is made out of a sturdy ABS plastic. It comes in around thirteen in-stock colours, but can also have a custom pantone colour-matched shell produced. For the latter choice, the time for production increases.
●The indicator light (found on the end closest to the key-hole) is the signature look for this model. Its job is to indicate if the USB flash is plugged in and working or not. This specific detail  helps in the production of the drive when files are preloaded. When each individual drive is checked to see if it works and has been properly loaded, the non-working lights can easily be spotted and the drive pulled from the order.
●The banding and key loop hole only comes in metallic silver.
●Branding options only include printing (screen, pad, CMYK) because of the plastic shell.