Thursday, 21 May 2015

An Affordable Marketing Tool

in the 21st century it is getting more difficult to find unique ways to market products and services. There are always new technologies being released for marketing, however, they can get quite costly. Here at USB Promos we offer a variety of customizable USB drives and accessories. There is a particular product that we are quite fond of, the paper web key.

Although we have been producing webkeys since the early 2000's, there is always room for improvement. That is why we are continually finding ways to better engineer the product. Any traditional USB drive that we offer including custom PVC molds can be made into a webkey. However, the paper web key is not only fully customizable, but also the more cost effective choice.

Paper web keys are an interesting concept. They are not built to store extensive data like a traditional USB drive. Rather, they have the capability to be programmed with specific web page URL information. The webkey, once plugged into a computer, automatically directs the customer to the web site that you want them to view.

For instance, pharmaceutical companies can design the web key packaging like a brochure to market a new product. The information might include name of product, pictures and benefits of use. The web key will serve as an extension of the brochure by directing customers to the exact web page that discusses ingredients or case studies. This is an ingenious way to direct traffic to the exact information you want seen. Programming URL information gives businesses ultimate control in regards to sought out information and brand experience. Not to mention, control comes at a low price.

 Paper webkeys are the most cost effective way to market with a USB Flash. Printing on paper results in the webkey being cheaper to make and lighter to ship meaning more money in your pockets. Also, on any custom USB Drives the surface area for printing on is very limited. Often times only a logo is printed on the drive because there is only centimeters of printing space. However, a web key provides multiple inches of surface area. Paper webkeys come in a variety of shapes and sizes all allowing you the maximum opportunity to sell yourself. With web keys being compatible with both PC and Mac, you can target yourself to a larger audience.

USB Drives believes the best part about the web key is the back-end tracking infrastructure that comes with it. Tracking is used by marketing specialists world wide. This particular tracking for webkeys means a few things. First, every web key has a unique serial number. Every time a web key is plugged into the computer the client gets extensive feedback including who used it, where it's being used, when and what they are looking at. That information is at your fingertips every time they plug in the web key. Sales people can use this tracking software as a powerful tool to see who is viewing the webkey and call on those people directly. This marketing tool can help stop uneffective sales practices, such as cold calling, because your sales team would only contact consumers that are actually showing interest.

 Typically, the entire process of making a quality paper web key puts it in your hands within two to three and a half weeks. Below is a list of the benefits of using web keys.

Web Keys:

    Link print and technology for a creative advertising piece.
    Are perforated and detachable from a high-quality promotional print brochure or catalogue.
    Are custom designed for specific applications.
    Have programmable software which offers plug-ins and response rates in real time.
    Are compatible on both Mac OS 10.5+ and Windows operating systems.
    Are lightweight and easy to ship.

Below are ways that web keys have been utilized in the past. However, if you have a different idea USB Promos will work with you to meet your marketing needs.

Web Key Uses:

    Pharmaceutical and Medical Marketing
    Online Presentations
    New Product Launches
    Not-for-Profit Programs
    Trade Shows
    Case Studies
    Custom Promotions
    Real Estate Listings
    Media Kits
    Direct Mail
    Customer Loyalty Programs
    Annual Reports

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