Friday, 24 April 2015

Amp up your Tradeshow Marketing with USB Promos Wristband USBs

Often times when people go to a trade show they are bombarded with information, handouts, and gadgets. If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow you understand that there is a lot of possibly important information you want, but not a great way to keep it together and organized. Nobody wants to be the person at the end of the day wondering if you or your booth or product were memorable- if the money and time spent will in fact be worth the return on investment.


A new trend that is being utilized around tradeshows and conventions are the USB wristbands made out of rubber PVC. Prior to the wristbands, tradeshow vendors might have used the typical marketing collateral:
  • folder
  • pen
  • business card
  • newsletter
  • pamphlet
  • brochure
  • branded lanyard
  • cups, frisbees, hats or other knickknacks
  • branded plastic bag to carry everything in
The wristband USB was created for situations like these marketing blunders. The first thing vendors look for are items that they can customize, pack information into/onto and have something to pass out that will not be thrown away immediately.

Wristband USB drives meet all of the vendor marketing needs. You can customize USB drives in two spots. As the following pictures show, there are small branding spaces where the wristband connects together and also along the backside.


Aside from being able to brand the USB drive, you are also able to choose the color of the rubber PVC. The color options come in basic colors, but can also be created custom to your pantone color(s).


After you’ve designed what the USB looks like, the next step is to plan what goes onto the custom flash drives. Most promotional USB companies offer preloaded data as a service. Depending on the company,like USB Promos or Dream Promos, will waive the charge for small files like PDFs. Instead of printing off hundreds of copies of your collateral, save money and time by having a USB company preload it to the wristbands:
  • presentations
  • stat sheets
  • pictures
  • auto-run website URL
  • videos
  • catalogs
  • menus
  • case studies
  • coupons
  • pamphlet
  • etc.
Request a sample and free mockup before you buy to ensure you’ll be getting a durable quality.

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