Thursday, 24 July 2014

Making an Investment in Power Banks for Promotional Tools

We live in, for the most part, a very connected world. Everyday lives play out over the inter web like a daily journal. From all of the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to Pinterest- socializing has become more of an online pseudo experience. If consumers aren’t updating their statuses, shopping, traveling or reading the news, then they are probably texting. Regardless, we are a generation of technology devices glued to our fingertips, ears and eyes. But what happens when the power shuts off? Or the battery dies? Or you end up in the middle of somewhere between far and few charging outlets? Luckily, that day doesn’t have to happen to you. Actually, that day can remain a distant nightmare with the invention of the portable power bank.

These days it is less common for companies to waste money and time purchasing plastic cups, flyers, pencils, pens, magnetics, etc. These types of items, while they do exist, are seen as a bad investment because the rate at which they are thrown away compared to items kept is noticeably high.

Typically, traditional promotional items are one of two things:

1.    Cheaply made- Items tend to quickly break down because the quality is kept low in order to make money and end up in landfills.

2.    Not functional- Consumers won’t keep items that serve no other purpose than to collect dust. If you want someone to keep your promotional tool and remember your name, you’ve got to give them something that will be used daily and is high enough quality that it will survive years to come.

It’s easy to think that high quality promo tools don’t exist, but you just have to think outside of the box. Technology has become the premiere outlet for this. You can choose from a variety of items including:
•         USB drives (standard colors and designs)
•         Custom shape USB drives (rubber PVC 3D)
•         Power banks
•         Wall chargers
•         Retractable phone cables
•         Phone cases
•         Laptop cases
•         Etc.

The most new and popular item is the power bank mobile charger. While many technologies are created every year and branded for customers, it was only recently that the mobile charger was invented and then applied to the promotional industry. They are popular because of the convenience and reliability provided. Power banks are portable chargers that use internal battery cell packs to recharge devices batteries like phones, tablets, GPS, e-readers, mp3 players.

The power bank is an external battery charger enveloped in a case. That is more simply put because they actually come in quite a few styles, sizes, capacity size and material options. Reputable promotional companies have made it their business to help consumers have a safe place to affordably purchase said chargers.

Portable power chargers come in a variety of colours. From bright and bold to
Delicate pastels; there is something for everyone. Perhaps the best part about these devices is that they can be branded to meet your needs. Typically a company offers the choice between:

●    Screen print- Printing method similar to silk-screening that allows up to 4 spot colors with no shading or color gradation (must know your pantone colors)
●    Pad print- Similar to the screen print method, but ink is rolled onto the surface.
●    CMYK print- Full photographic color printing that is similar in style to desktop printing. Best for logos/designs with gradation and shading.
●    Laser engraves- CO2 laser used to burn logo/graphic into USB material.

You can also find portable power bank chargers in different types of materials. Typically these are sold in plastic, but high quality businesses will offer the chargers in a more sturdy ABS plastic, acrylic, wood (large varieties), aluminum or stainless steel. The newest and perhaps most creative addition is the custom rubber PVC power bank. A metal cast is created to pour the liquid PVC into and create the desired mold. The finished product is a rubber sleeve that envelops the charger of choice.

Any design can be created with the rubber PVC process and give you many more options. Typically you will work with a graphic designer who can turn any idea, graphic, picture, product into a miniature 3D replica. We have seen a variety of creative designs including yoda, tampons, nail polish, and batman to race cars. No idea is too intricate or impossible.

Portable mobile chargers like USB mobile chargers are a useful promotional tool. Providing the opportunity to market yourself to consumer with a functional gift is highly accepted. For many years, consumers faced the nuisance of receiving useless and wasteful junk companies used for marketing, and then they had to take the time to rummage through the handouts to see what was actually worth keeping.

Think about your marketing strategy and budget prior to purchasing your next promotional tool. Create a plan first and then invest into a promotional tool that will last for over 10 years. The long term benefits and high functioning technology, like a power bank, will be associated with your brand as a company that is dependable.

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