Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Marketing Your Art with a Custom Flash Drive: 3 Ways

Many people are learning to get in touch with their creative side and even start a small side business to make some extra cash. With so many new ‘artists’ competing for attention, it gets difficult to stand out. Of course, there is the easy way to promote yourself using social media. With accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it’s never been easier to post a picture while praying for success. Unfortunately the times are changing and if you want business or a new job, you’ve got to market yourself like a pro. Take for instance the following three artists turning their dreams into a reality while using custom flash drives:

Kyle Donlan, Finding Work

Kyle won a USB Promos contest in 2013 after saying he would use wooden custom flash drives to promote himself as an artist and his illustration work. He planned to load the USB drives up with his resume, portfolio of work and such to show future employers. With a marketing tool this unique, how could an employer pass? By the way this maple USB drive is not colored on with Crayola markers, but CMYK printed on. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Jiena Nesbitt, Jniz Art
Jniz Art artist, Jiena Nesbitt, won a different USB Promos contest when she said she too would like to use her custom flash drives as a walking portfolio. She sells her art at shows like Raw Chicago, Ravenswood Artwalk, on Etsy and Facebook. Artists like Jniz Art, that are trying to start up a side business, need an eye catching promotional tool. This USB serves that purpose. Not only does her art work consume you on the custom USB, but it can be plugged into any computer to reveal her portfolio!

Stephanie Meier, Stephanie Meier Photography This final artist utilizes her custom flash drive like a pro. Stephanie is currently a successful photography business owner. You can find her on Facebook or Twitter. She has a loyal fanbase that call her to capture the beautiful moments in their lives. To reward clients, Stephani ordered custom shape USB drives in the shape of cameras and put her information on the back. Clever, isn’t she? The flash drives are given to customers with their pictures loaded onto it, as a special package. Great marketing tool and customer reward program.
If you are an artist this is a good way to go! Check out the artist pages or to get started on your next marketing tool

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