Thursday, 16 July 2015

Custom USB Drives- Trade Show

We as a company attend multiple trade shows as one of our main forms of marketing and adding to our client list. At trade shows we meet multiple amounts of people in a day that would not be possible to reach out to in a day at the office. We pitch to them our products, who we are as a company, and how we sell custom USB drives.We as a company hope that in the end we made a great first impression and they choose our company to work with for their future projects.

What To Do
One of the trade shows we attended recently was in Las Vegas where almost our whole company attended. We were able to reach out to hundreds of new potential customers and tell them who we were and what we are about as a company. At trade shows you should
● Stand out against competitors
● Make yourself known to your customers
● Introduce yourself
● Let your potential customers know you care
● Hand out promotional items like custom USB drives
● Promote your newest products

custom usb

When you go to a trade show as a company you want to network which will grow your client list tremendously. Networking is essential to every individual and every company if they want to be successful. Great ways to network at trade shows are
●    Recognize who is truly into your products
●    Create engaging conversations
●    Figure out how you can exchange your talents
●    Be friendly and generous

At trade shows you as a company are able to see your competitors and what they offer. You can then make some minor changes so that you stand out and become the best you as a company can become. Some of the changes you can make are
●    sending thank you notes with your orders
●    keeping in contact with your customers
●    respond to your customers in a timely manner
●    follow up with the customers after they receive their order
●    offer your loyal customers promotional items or deals

Promotional Tools
Promotional items are a great way for people to remember you. Studies show that people who receive a promotional item are more than likely going to spread the word about your company and you gain a free marketer also. When a potential customer receives a promotional item they become familiar with your logo. They will also think more highly of you over companies that did not hand out anything. Promotional items are
●    Tangible
●    Easily Measured
●    Complements your company
●    Flexible
●    Goodwill orientated

Trade shows are a great way to network, see your competition,and gain clients. You are able to reach out to more people in one day at a trade show than a day in the office. Custom USB drives make great promotional items to handout at these shows. Attending a trade show can really open up your eyes to see how other companies run and get a different outlook. Once you see things from a different perspective you can think of multiple different ways to change as a company to become the best that you can be.
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